Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time to Relax

Wait a minute... Do you hear that?  It's so quiet.  Why is that?  Today is one of those extremely rare days that nothing is going on in the world of the four major sports.  No games at all.  It really is an odd feeling.  It's a feeling that I definitely do not want to get used to.  

What do you do on a day like today?  How do you avoid that inevitable feelings of emptiness in your hear and soul?  Good question.  Clearly, my remedy was to write about it.  Hopefully writing at least begins to patch the deep dark hole. 

For me, today will be a day of reflection, on how my career/life in the sports business seems to be headed, and more importantly on how poorly the Phillies are playing.  I'll probably spend most of my day living in denial and pretending that there will be some game on tonight.  Ultimately, I'll probably just have one of those off days.  Well, literally, I guess.

Today should be a day to get ahead on all that work piling up on your desk.  Today should be a day to read a book, watch a movie, or just do something different.  Today should be a day to memorize random statistics like Michael Schwimer's ball strike ratio in late afternoon game's on a Thursday when it is partly cloudy and the temperature is between 71 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit.  Ok, just kidding but I was serious about the others.

So, everybody enjoy the rare day off.  Try something different because you're going to need something to talk about around the water cooler tomorrow!

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  1. Well said Kevin. It's not often where we as sports fans (and those who are in our lives) can sit back and take a deep breath for a minute.