Friday, July 13, 2012

Quick Hits

We finally know what’s behind Billy Hamilton’s ridiculous speed: Mountain Dew. Do I smell an endorsement deal in the future?

In 2009, reclusive gambler Nick Newlife placed a bet on Roger Federer that has finally paid out...making one charity very, very happy.

Charles Pierce weighs in on the win-win situation that is the MLB All Star game. His take may not be what you expected.

NBC looks to bring boxing back to network television.

The PGA Tour finalizes their Q-School makeover. Steve Elling’s take.

Penn State alum and ESPN college basketball writer Dana O’Neil offers great perspective into women in sports journalism.

For the first time in US Olympic history, women athletes outnumber men...shout out to Title IX?

Sold! For less than the runner-up? I’ll Have Another is moving to Japan.

The Freeh Report delivered a big blow to Penn State’s administration.  Is it the final blow?

NASCAR fan Linda Chase continued to watch races with a dead man for over a year...they always say NASCAR has die-hard fans right?

Sally Jenkins calls Joe Paterno a liar in an extremely powerful Washington Post column.

An interesting take on the Olympics and sex in the Olympic Village.

Here’s a quick explanation as to why the NCAA has no jurisdiction in the Penn State scandal.

No matter what the sport, there is a common denominator that resides in successful athletes. 

Last but not least, here’s a hint about what we will cover in this week’s edition of “The Debate.”

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