Friday, August 10, 2012

The Business of Fantasy Football

While driving home from Atlantic City last weekend, I noticed a billboard that was advertising for the Fantasy Football Fest. Seeing this billboard made me realize how prominent fantasy football has become. Two days completed devoted to fantasy football. I started to think about how much money is spent each year for fantasy football.
Too bad I already had my draft....

It is estimated that American's spend about $1 billion every year on fantasy football. Yes, $1 billion. For the 2011 season, it was predicted that 27 million people played fantasy football.`

The demographics of the people playing may be different than expected as well. In 2011 it was expected that 5.4 million women played fantasy football. Also, it is not just the youth that plays fantasy football. The average fantasy football player is 41 years old, has a college degree and earns $50,000 a year. 

NFL players also get involved with fantasy football. Quarterback Matt Hasselbeck benched himself on his fantasy team so he could start Brett Favre. Maurice Jones Drew is involved with a show on an XM radio station that is solely devoted to fantasy football (Ch. 87). A radio station is only one of many new initiatives that came from the popularity of fantasy football.

Every Sunday morning I turn on the TV to watch Matthew Berry and Fantasy Football Now. An hour TV show dedicated to fantasy football. Berry and cast says who to start, who to sit, and the most updated injury situations.

TV broadcasters are also willing to spend a lot of money to televise games, because they know fans will be watching. ESPN agreed to pay $1.8 billion a year for the rights to broadcast Monday Night Football from 2014 to 2022. ESPN's Jason Waram, V.P. of fantasy games and social said, "A lot of fantasy games come down to Monday night and even if you don't care about the teams, you'll stay up late to watch if one of you players is playing."

The TV series "The League" has become popular. This TV series is based on a fantasy football league. Ironically enough, the husband and wife duo that started the show participate in fantasy football with members of the cast. Their league name is..... "The League of the League."

Final Thought
I love playing fantasy football. The competition between friends, watching every game so closely, constantly checking scores all plays into the excitement for me. The growing business of fantasy sports is unbelievable. I am excited to see where it goes. 

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  1. Just had my drafts this past week. Can't wait for the season to start! Great stuff Drew.