Monday, August 27, 2012

Cowboys Keeping an Eye on Bryant

Last week I wrote an article on the relationship problems for Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant and his former agent Drew Rosenhaus. Lately, Dez has had more problems than his agent to worry about. This offseason, Dez was charged with a misdemeanor for assaulting his mother. The NFL has not imposed any penalties as of now, but the Cowboys took action yesterday to ensure Bryant is on his best behavior.

The Cowboys have set off-the-field guidelines for Dez Bryant to follow. The guidelines include a midnight curfew, restriction to night clubs that the team approve, no alcohol consumption, he cannot attend strip clubs, he must attend weekly counseling sessions, and he will have full time security.

So far, Dez seems to have no issues being compliant with the new guidelines. He can't give comment because of his pending legal issue. The full time security will consist of a rotating three man team that will drive Dez to practice, games and team functions. Dez will have to pay up for the security. The Cowboys are not allowed to pay for Dez's security because it would constitute a violation of salary cap rules.

Coach Garrett believes these regulations will help Bryant and also hold him accountable for his previous actions. Jason Garrett said about the new guidelines, "We want to support our players, we want to support Dez and we want to support his family, and the same time hold him accountable to what he needs to do."

Although the Cowboys have imposed these rules, they are yet to give details on what consequences would include if the rules were broken. Dez signed a 5 year contract in 2010 worth $11.8 million, $8.63 million of that being guaranteed. He is set to earn $1.335 million in salary for the 2012 season. Although it would be difficult to imagine a way that Dez's salary could be effected currently, he should be careful for the future. If teams witness Dez's behavioral issues dating back to college, they will be less likely to give him longer term deals.

Final Thought
While I'm not in favor of putting restrictions on players in most situations, I think this is a great move by the Cowboys. Hopefully the restrictions will help to keep Dez out of trouble. Not only can these restriction be beneficial for the Cowboys on the field, it could potentially be vital for Dez's career in the NFL. If the restrictions prove to be helpful, it will be interesting to see if teams with players who have bad off-the-field history try and enact similar rules. It seems likely.

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  1. Apparently Dez even made some of them himself. Pretty bad that he needs a babysitter. I just hope he doesn't become a wasted talent due to immaturity.