Friday, August 3, 2012

Quick Hits

Ross Tucker, a former NFLer, discusses signing autographs at training camp and shares his views from when he was a fan to when he was a player.

US Women’s soccer goalie Hope Solo takes to twitter to criticize former teammate Brandi Chastain.

Swiss soccer player Michel Morganella was expelled from the Olympic team for racist tweeting.

Be careful what you tweet! 17-year-old boy arrested for tweeting malicious comments at British diver Tom Daley.

Ex-Bengals cheerleader speaks out against claims that she is the “female Jerry Sandusky.

Sports Business Journal’s cartoon regarding replacement NFL refs.

Twitter suspends the account of Guy Adams after he bashes NBC’s coverage.  NBC said it was Twitter.  Twitter said it was a complaint.  Days later his account is unsuspended. Hmmm.

Pete Thamel is leaving New York Times for a gig at Sports Illustrated.

Doug Gottlieb is leaving ESPN to join CBS Sports.

Giants tight end Martellus Bennett gave some interesting responses during an interview that included quotes such as, “I’m kind of like a black unicorn” and “Eli knows if he wants chicken or steak.”

A hacker targets MLB social media accounts and posts inappropriate messages (#FirstWorldProblems).

Sportsbiz Stat of the Week:
The Cleveland Browns were sold to Jimmy Haslam for $1 billion.

Video Of The Week:
Everybody loves a little John Daly.

Photo Captions:
Submit your favorite captions for this photo of Gabby Douglas in the comments below!  Best ones will be tweeted from @I95_SportsBiz.


  1. Gabby Douglas Captions: Gabby Douglas Turco (a Drexel favorite I'm sure) and my personal favorite Downton Gabby.

  2. When I saw the John Daly video I'm I hope he is sober!