Friday, June 22, 2012

Quick Hits

Each and every Saturday morning! Must reads and interesting tidbits that you might’ve missed this week!

Mark Cuban says what many of us have always wanted to say to Skip Bayless’s face.

Jerry Sandusky is found guilty on 45 out of 48 charges against him. He faces 442 years in prison.

Eagles WR Mardy Gilyard has overcome great odds in his journey to the NFL, including a six month period in which he was homeless.

San Francisco 49ers fans purchasing seat licenses for the new Santa Clara Stadium are either making a great investment or a terrible one.

Connie Carberg, the first female scout in NFL history (Jets, 1976), has launched a new website “to create and share women-focused football content.”

The LA Kings are looking for the game six-ending puck and they think they know who took it...if you have any additional information, they’re asking that you send it their way!

Roger Clemens walks away legally not guilty, but the truth is out there.

Could social media and the instantaneous information of today stopped Sandusky before lives were ruined? The New Yorker weighs in.

Dan Wetzel continues his unparalleled coverage of the Sandusky trial.

Not content with small-school football offers, Holley Mangold (sister of Jets’ center Nick Mangold) opted for weightlifting...and now she’s participating in the Olympics.

James Varney of the Times-Picayune details the ongoings at the NFLs headquarters this week on the Saints bounty appeals.

“Frog juice” is the latest performance-enhancing drug being used in racing.

Rick Reilly drops the legalese in a passionate post for ESPN regarding Jerry Sandusky, labeling him as the indecent coward that he is.

Steve Gleason, former Saints player and current ALS fighter, sends an inspirational message to the New Orleans Times-Picayune employees who are facing staff reductions this fall.

The Eagles plan a major refurbishment plan for the Linc.

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  1. Love the Mark Cuban story. Missed it this week. I like how the other two espn guys just sat there and enjoyed it too! Mark Cuban seems like a very smart guy. They should let him be the commissioner of the NBA.