Saturday, June 16, 2012

Quick Hits

Quick Hits, round 2 (don’t worry, this round isn’t fixed). On your marks, get set, go! Read away 95ers! Hope you enjoy these bits as much as we did!

Longtime beat writer, Darin Gantt, joins the ProFootballTalk crew. (Gantt has a vote on the Hall of Fame, great addition PFT)

Madden 2013 to feature mock twitter updates. (Yup, we just linked to the OCNN report)

Peyton Manning is living in the house that Mike Shanahan built.

Derrick Mason, two-time Pro Bowler and the Baltimore Ravens all-time leading receiver, retires as a Raven.

Chad Ochocinco is heading to Miami, where he’ll undoubtedly be the star of HBO’s Hard Knock’s...again.

Bill Simmons, Grantland’s editor-in-chief, has already labeled the mind-boggling Pacquiao v Bradley decision a future 30 for 30.

All-you-can-eat seats are all the rage in the MLB.

14 year old Andy Zhang tees it up at the US Open.

Yahoo! Sports’ investigative reporter Dan Wetzel covers the first week of the Jerry Sandusky trial.

French Open: Maria Sharapova is a Grand Slam winner again. Rafa Nadal wins his record seventh French Open title.

Some former Flyers live their dream as the LA Kings take home the Stanley Cup.

When SI’s Tom Verducci starts to believe about the Pittsburgh Pirates, you begin to wonder.

Mike Trout’s sister’s name is Teal, and much more about the emerging superstar by Yahoo! Sports’ Tim Brown.

UEFA Euro Cup 2012 continues on.

Jayson Stark says we are in the age of the pitcher.

The state of Major League Baseball umpiring is examined.

Saves have got to be the stupidest statistic in baseball and’s Jim Caple gives some solutions.

Lance Armstrong is facing a new round of charges.

Look at who that is tied for first after 36 holes at the US Open Championship.

Nik Wallenda tightropes from the United States to Canada... over Niagra Falls.

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  1. Love the story on all you can eat seats. Of course the article is written about San Diego. San Diego is so horrible they have to try anything to get fans to the game! Not only do people not go to the games, we don't even check the score to see if they won. So all you can eat is a good way to get people to the game in San Diego. San Diego is the farm team for MLB. Hope the new owners have some cash to spend instead of thinking up buffet night at the game!