Saturday, June 9, 2012

Quick Hits

It’s the weekend! While all you 95ers were waking up early all week and texting and driving and rockin’ out and singing Call Me Maybe on your daily commutes, the I-95 crew was tweeting and blogging and reading and drinking coffee! Don’t worry, we do work too...sometimes...promise. You don’t believe us? We came up with this idea while we were working, ha!

Since launching I-95 SportsBiz last month, we’ve learned that we tweet a lot and drink too much coffee...and we’re proud of it! We’ve also learned that each week we have some sports stuff that we wanted to share, but didn’t have the chance in our weekly columns. So, we’re starting a new weekendly (possibly not a word, but we’ve already decided we’re sticking with it) post to share what we think are must reads from the work week!

With no further adieu, (insert pounding-your-hands-on-a-desk drumroll here) Here’s some quick hits to get you through the weekend! Enjoy!

NBC looks to jump in on the next
MLB television rights.

Verizon is now the
top spender in sports advertising dollars.

Maury Brown broke down how the
MLB Draft compensation works.

Darren Rovell
apologizes to readers after he was “duped”.

Wade Davis sits down with Amy K. Nelson to talk about being
gay in the NFL. Write up on

Ross Tucker
finally said what someone needed to say.

Montaous Walton
duped everybody by drafting and signing his own MLB contract.

6-year-old Giants fan wants to win at all costs, literally.

Thomas Menino, mayor of Boston, shows that he’s the city’s biggest sports fan...

A New York Mets blog
finally writes the post it was created to make.

How to
fall in love with second overall MLB Draft pick Byron Buxton in five minutes.

Rick Reilly says Lebron is being Lebron, the All-star that he is, and
we’re all just being haters.

The Philadelphia Eagles made
changes to their front office, shocking the sports world.

Denver Broncos Linebacker D.J. Williams baffled his organization when he
tweeted pictures of the team playbook.


  1. Love the weekendly. There were some stories I miss this week. Love the one on D.J. Williams. I don't understand why he would do that. You should do an article on the dumbest tweets by athletes.

  2. not a bad idea...we'll keep that idea in the queue for a slow week. A lot of topics this week, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, Belmont Stakes, PacBradley decision