Monday, April 8, 2013

Big Ticket Prices at the Masters

Golf's most prestigious tournament is set to start on Thursday. The Masters. For me it is one of the most exciting weekends in sport. Many who do not enjoy the game of golf may think it is crazy that four days of golf can be so exciting to me, but it is...

On my bucket list is a trip to Augusta National to watch the Masters. It would truly be a remarkable experience. That remarkable experience is coming at a hefty price to many this year.

The combination of Tiger Woods playing good golf and the final four of the NCAA tournament being played only a couple hours away in Atlanta, has made the Masters even more desirable than usual this year. In order to purchase tickets, most must use the secondary ticket market. For the four days of golf the only way to get an original ticket is to be on the list of recurring buyers who get asked every year. Those who are fortunate enough to be on this list pay a minimal $250 for the four day badge.

The practice round is also a difficult ticket to purchase. In order to be lucky enough to attend the practice round, you must win a lottery or be a patron of Augusta National. The practice round tickets go for a mere $50.

The big ticket money for the Masters can be found on the secondary market. Those who have waited until the last minute to purchase a four day badge have been paying around $7000 for the four days. Even the practice round tickets are getting a lot of money on the secondary market. Recently a practice round ticket sold for $1000. After doing a quick Stubhub search, you can buy a practice round ticket for about $500 today.  A single ticket for Sunday at the Masters would cost more than $2000 on the secondary ticket market.

The ticket prices for the Masters are insane. Too costly for most of America's public. Most of the high prices being paid on the secondary market are related to corporate American's who are already in the area watching the final four.

There is some good new as far as prices go for the Masters. Once you get inside, you can eat and drink for minimal cost. For the famous pimento cheese sandwich and a beer, it will only cost you $4.50 (and you get to keep the cup with the Masters logo on it).

Final Thought
The perfect storm has made the secondary ticket market for the Masters hot this year. Even in a usual year, ticket cost would be extraordinarily high. There is a reason why tickets to the Masters is one of the hardest tickets to get in sports. I will keep a trip to Augusta National on my bucket list, but for now watching on television will have to do.


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