Sunday, April 28, 2013

Aaron Rodgers Extension

The big money for NFL quarterbacks continues. Not long after Joe Flacco signed a massive contract to stay with the Ravens, Aaron Rodgers agreed to an extension that will keep him a Packer for a while. Aaron Rodgers has agreed to a five-year $110 million dollar extension. This extension came while Rodgers still has two years left on his remaining deal.

The new contract extension includes $62.5 million of guaranteed money. Flacco's new deal guaranteed him just over $50 million dollars. Rodgers new deal will also make him the highest paid salary per season player in the NFL. Joe Flacco was able to hold this distinction for a few weeks until Rodgers was awarded his extension.

This upcoming season will be very valuable for Aaron Rodgers. In 2013, Rodgers will make $40 million because of the bonus money he will receive. Rodgers was very excited about the new contract (who wouldn't be?), tweeting "Thanks to the Organization, coaching staff, teammates, Packer nation for last 8 years! Excited about 7 more!"

Packers general manager, Ted Thompson, said in a statement about Rodgers, "Aaron is a true professional and a special player." He later went on to comment about Rodgers strong work ethic and his ability to be a great teammate.

Final Thought
The Packers made a great decision to lockup their franchise quarterback through the 2019 season. Quarterback is the most important position in all of team sports. The value of the position has been evident through recent contracts given to franchise quarterbacks. Maybe one day Aaron's brother, Jordan Rodgers, (who just joined the Jaguars as a free agent quarterback) will see a similar contract. Not likely, but he can hope.


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