Monday, December 24, 2012

Bills Not Moving Anytime Soon

Although Buffalo Bills fans have not had much to cheer about in recent memory, they now have something. Although the good news is not related to play on the field, at least the fans will have a team to cheer for. The Bills have agreed to stay and play in Ralph Wilson Stadium for another 10 years. Although this agreement does not guarantee the Bills will stay in Buffalo, costly penalties for relocation almost assure they will not be going anywhere.

If the Bills backed out of the deal within the first seven years they would have to pay a penalty of $400 million. The penalty decreases dramatically in the last three years of the deal. The Bills will be charged a penalty of $29 million if they were to leave in the last three years. Although the fee decreases significantly in the last few years of the deal, the fee is prohibitive enough that it is highly unlikely the Bill will leave within the 10 year deal.

The deal also includes $130 million worth of improvements to the stadium. Of the improvement revenue, the Bills will be required to pay $35 million and the state of New York and Erie county will pay for the remaining cost.

Final Thought
It's about time for some good news for Buffalo Bills fans. The 10 year deal should provide fans with some security knowing that the team will not be going anywhere. Stadium improvements should allow for a better viewing experience for fans who attend the games. The Bills have been the center if potential relocation talks, now those talks can be on hold for a little while.


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