Monday, September 17, 2012

Time for the Replacements to Go

Not one, not two.... but three. This is the third time I am writing on the NFL referee situation. My first article written in late July questioned whether or not the normal referees would start the season. I warned that not paying the referees would compromise the integrity of the league and I believed from the known information it was time for the NFL to pay. My second article written about a month ago included analysis of the first games in the preseason officiated by the replacements. It was clear that the officials were not ready for the NFL and that the integrity of the league was being compromised. I thought after the preseason was over that the NFL would see that action was necessary immediately, I was wrong.

We have now completed week 2 of the NFL regular season and we have already seen much criticism of the replacements.

After losing to the Eagles, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco said, "The NFL and everybody always talks about the integrity of the game. I think this is kind of along those lines."

Redskins linebacker, London Fletcher, said, "I just think that they're just so inconsistent that it definitely has an effect on the games."

Back in the preseason Packers safety, Charles Woodson, said, "They haven't been very good. That's the honest opinion. Before preseason started, I think you're optimistic. But it's almost like a young guy coming into the NFL. The game goes to fast for them."

Not to mention this guy who had to be removed from officiating the Saints game.... because he is a Saints fan. 

These are a select few comments made regarding the referees. Much more criticism has been let out throughout the league. The referees have played a significant role in the season thus far, but for the wrong reasons. Simply put the referees are not capable of handling the NFL right now. The cost for the league of paying the referees more money, or giving in to some of their demands may be very little compared to the issues that could be coming there way.

The lack of experience by the referees causes two main issues for the league. The first issue is player safety. Not fully understanding the rules of the game will become an issue for the current replacement referees. Many rules, especially recent ones, are designed to make sure players are safe as possible while playing the game. If these rules are being violated without penalty, players could get hurt more frequently and which will be bad news for the NFL. The second issue for the NFL is the integrity of the game. Constant questioning of officiating by players, coaches and fans is bad for the image of the league. The leagues credibility will be constantly questioned if change is not made soon.

Meeting of the minds right here...
Final Thought
It is difficult to come up with a final thought this week. The NFL needs to quiet the critics and give in to the demands of the NFL referees. Enough is enough.


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  1. I agree they need to go. They are becoming the focus of the games whether they are good or bad and that's not right. The NFL and Goodell need to make this right.