Thursday, September 20, 2012

Keith Hernandez to Shave the 'Stache

Mothers and grandmothers beware.  Keith Hernandez is shaving his iconic mustache. 

I know, it just doesn’t sound right.  I’m sure my grandma is tortured by the thought of her favorite baseball player of all time shaving his famous upper lip sweater.  Hernandez, who is now in the broadcast booth for the Mets, also played for the Met’s for 7 years in the 80’s. 

Who knew that a long-retired Major League Baseball player and broadcaster for bottom-of-the-barrel team could create such a buzz by buzzing his ‘stache?  Why would a fine sports business blog such as us be covering such a momentous occasion?  Because it has been spun into a sports business phenomenon, of course!

Most men can simply walk into the bathroom and up to the sink with simply a razor and some shaving cream.  Keith Hernandez is not most men.  Ever since Hernandez mentioned shaving the graying ‘stache, the buzz of the media and the razor has grown louder and louder.  Now on Thursday September 27 prior to the Mets-Pirates game at Citi Field, a local barber will do the honors. 

As the whisker clipping of the century rolled on and created more media buzz, Schick caught wind and wanted in.  Schick decided to provide a Schick Hydro razor to do the honors and they will also donate $5000 to a foundation that Hernandez started for Alzheimer’s. 

Of course such a big day in New York Mets history could not be missed (this has to be top 5 right?), so SNY decided that they will air the shaving of the mustache during their pregame show, during the game, and possibly online.

This opportunity is a unique one because it’s not every day that high profile guys are coming out and shaving their iconic facial hair.  The Mets, Schick, and SNY are milking this opportunity for all it’s worth and doing a great job with it.

All information was obtained from an article on The New York Times Baseball Blog:

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