Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Impulses of Philly Sports Fans

Philadelphia fans are showing their impulsive nature again.  This time it is all centered on Eagles quarterback Mike Vick.  Well, some things just never change, I suppose.

For those that aren’t Philadelphia sports fans, here’s how it all went down.  The Eagles drafted Kevin Kolb in the second round in 2007.  He backed up Donovan McNabb and was named the “Quarterback of the Future”.  Upon his release from prison, the Eagles signed Michael Vick in 2009.  Vick was a back-up to McNabb as well, but got to play a little bit due to his speed and athleticism. 

In 2010 everything changed.  McNabb was traded to the Redskins and Kolb was named the starter.  Kolb suffered a concussion in week one against the Green Bay Packers, which paved the way for Vick to become the full-time starter (with all of Philadelphia wanted Vick over Kolb except myself and a select other few).  Vick’s play was strong the rest of the way, and he earned himself the right to start going into 2011.  The strong finish in 2010 earned Vick a 6 year $100 million contract with Philly.  For whatever reasons, the talented Eagles went 8-8 and fans began to get a glimpse at a glaring turnover epidemic in Philadelphia.  This season, the turnover issue has plagued the team and there’s no end in sight.  After three games the Eagles find themselves sitting at 2-1, though the two wins were 1-point victories with week one against the Browns coming in unconvincing style.

With the turnover problem having no end in sight, many Eagles fans are calling for rookie Nick Foles to take over the starting quarterback reigns and bench Mike Vick.  Foles had an effective preseason playing mostly with the second and third teams. 

Here is where I kindly ask Eagles fans to stop.  Please.  I am begging all of you. I know that you all know everything about the Eagles, but clearly you don’t know much about money.  Vick is in the midst of a $100 MILLION contract.  That’s $100,000,000.  Teams don’t make that kind of financial commitment to a player and then bench him.  In the business world, that doesn’t fly. There is an option at the end of the season where the Eagles can get out of Vick’s contract, and if his play continues down the path it’s on, then the team could very well use it.  Even then, $40 million of Vick’s contract is guaranteed which leaves the Eagles with a hefty price to pay to not have Vick on the team next season.

Also, you all want to bench Vick for a rookie in Foles.  A rookie that does not have one regular season snap under his belt.  I don’t want to hear about his preseason.  He played a majority of the preseason up against second and third string defenses.  Teams weren’t game-planning specifically to stop him.  It’s a lot different when the defensive plan is to get after the rookie quarterback. 

Which all brings me to the next point… have you seen all of the injuries to the Eagles’ offensive line!? Demetress Bell is starting.  Bell is worse than King Dunlap which says a lot.  Jason Kelce is out for a while.  Dallas Reynolds is starting in Kelce’s place.  I feel bad for the mobile Vick sitting back there let alone a rookie in Foles. 

Take this as my plea.  I beg you all to think for about 30 seconds.  It’s amazing the damage you can do.  When you finally put that old rusty dusty thinking cap on I’m positive that you’ll realize the nonsense you’ve been thinking.  The team is 2-1.  With the season not even at the one quarter point, it’s too soon to make a change.

Eagles fans, please think.

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  1. Just to make the record clear... I wanted Vick over Kolb. I still want Vick. Im going to continue to want Vick. As for the rest of Philly fans......