Saturday, September 1, 2012

Quick Hits

The Atlantic studies whether baseball announcers and commentators hint at racial biases.

Besides the groundbreaking layout, this OTL piece on Dock Ellis is well worth your time.

Wright Thompson wonders if heads will be the new knees among current NFLers.

Pete Thamel’s final NY Times piece takes a look at PSU’s Bill O’Brien and the daily struggle that is bigger than any NCAA imposed sanctions.

Doug Glanville examines whether the Livestrong brand can live beyond Lance Armstrong.

Chris Jones looks at how far Armando Galarraga has come after the near perfect in 2010.

Fresh off of the release of Paterno, Joe Posnanski has some fun with WAR.

Rick Reilly says that you can take Lance Armstrong’s trophies away, but you can’t take away the lives he changed.

Steve Rushin looks at Neil Armstrong’s greatest quality; humility and how it relates to sports today.

Significant advances are being made in concussion research writes Kevin Van Valkenburg.

More concussion stories this one from Patrick Hruby and Sports On Earth.

BusinessWeek takes an extended look at ESPN and SportsCenter.

Stat of the Week:
The San Diego Padres officially sold to a group headed by Seidler and O’Malley for $800 million.

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  1. I was thinking about putting Clint Eastwood's speech from the RNC up as video of the week... Definitely should have.