Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NFL Signs New Deal With Verizon

More frequently than ever people are on the move. People rely on consuming news via nontraditional methods. Included in news is live sports. With the ability of technology, fans can view some of their favorite sports teams on the go with a smartphone. The increased use of smartphones to watch live games is a trend that Verizon decided to capitalize on in 2010.

In 2010, Verizon agreed to a deal with the NFL to live stream games to smartphones. The customers who paid for the service could view games that took place on Thursday, Sunday and Monday nights only. Verizon and the National Football League have agreed to a new deal that will start in 2014 and will expand the amount of games that the consumers will be able to watch.

Verizon will pay the NFL $1 billion over four years to get the rights to air more games on consumers smartphones. The new deal applies to smartphones only, not tablets. Under the new deal, those who sign up for the service will be able to watch Thursday, Sunday and Monday night games. They will also have access to the NFL RedZone channel, NFL Network, all post-season games, and home-market games starting in the 2014 season. Currently Verizon costumers pay $5 a month to watch the NFL games on their smartphones. It is not known what the cost will be after this new deal takes effect.

Final Thought
On a Sunday afternoon during football season, I like to be on my couch watching the games on television. I'm sure most do. For those who can't be in front on the television when the games come on, the smartphone option seems great. I believe this new deal will benefit both the NFL and Verizon. The benefits to the NFL are obvious. They will make a billion dollars over four years by allowing Verizon to get access to the games. In addition to the financial benefits, the NFL will help to spread an already popular sport. For Verizon this deal is a bit of a risk. They are assuming that current trends of people consuming sports in nontraditional ways continues. I think this is a safe bet.


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