Monday, March 4, 2013

The Wait Pays Off For Flacco

At the conclusion of the 2011 NFL season, Joe Flacco was in talks for  a long term deal with the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens had offered Flacco a deal that would pay him about $15 million a year. Flacco and his agent Joe Linta decided that they were not interested in the offer. That decision paid off in a big way for the Joe's. Flacco said the entire time that he thought he was worth more and deserved more respect.

Flacco has become the recent recipient of a six year deal worth $120.6 million. Of this deal $52 million is guaranteed. The guaranteed money includes a $29 million signing bonus. In comparison, Drew Brees signed a five year deal worth $100 million. Of the $100 million, $40 million was guaranteed. The new deal for Flacco has many wondering if he is worth the money.

Flacco was the beneficiary of great timing. His contract expired the year after he won the Super Bowl. Although he may not be the most talented player in the NFL, it is difficult to imagine Flacco not making the big bucks coming off a Super Bowl championship. Timing was a key factor for Flacco's huge deal, but his numbers also show his consistency as a quarterback.

Since 2008, Flacco has played in all 16 regular season games. In the five seasons, Flacco has thrown for 102 touchdowns to 56 interceptions. He has a completion percentage of just over 60 percent. His regular season number may seem just a bit better than average, but his playoff numbers have shown he is a clutch quarterback.

Flacco has shown improvement when it comes to playoff football. I his five seasons, he has made the playoffs and played more than one game every season. His first season in 2008, he played in 3 playoff games but only had one touchdown and threw three interceptions. The story was similar in 2009. Flacco played in two games and did not throw a touchdown and had three interceptions. The 2010 playoffs showed improved numbers. In the two games he played, he threw three touchdowns and one interception. The 2011 playoffs in which Flacco played two games, he posted average numbers. This season Flacco had a breakout playoffs. In the four playoff games he played he did not throw an interception, he also had eleven touchdowns.

Final Thought
Flacco timed his contract perfectly. He put on an impressive performance throughout the playoffs that concluded with him being named the Super Bowl MVP. The Baltimore Ravens were put in a position that they needed to pay the franchise quarterback. I do not think this contract means that Flacco is the most talented quarterback in the league. I do however feel Flacco is worth every penny of the contact that will make him the highest paid player in the National Football League.


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