Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Oakley Agrees to Deal With Bubba

Oakley has welcomed Bubba Watson to the family.... in a big way.

The video says it all.

The fit seems natural and almost perfect. Watson is known for his colorful attitude in a sport that can often be... well.... boring. Oakley who specializes in eyewear, apparel, footwear and accessories is known to be a fun company. The match of an outgoing player and a fun company will be a great fit.

Watson isn't exactly a scrub when it comes to golf either. Bubba won the 2012 Masters in remarkable form. Watson hit a huge hook shot in a playoff hole that essentially won him the tournament. Golf fans will not forget that shot anytime soon.

Although signing Watson is a huge move for Oakley, the reason for the signing most likely has a lot to do with who Oakley lost. Rory McIlroy agreed to a deal with Nike, which means that he most likely will be leaving Oakley. McIlroy is a rising star in the game of golf and for companies, he is the ultimate golfer to sponsor. It is no surprise that Nike who also sponsors Tiger Woods made the big move to acquire Rory. I wrote about the Rory move to Nike in an earlier article. Oakley will obviously be taking a big loss with Rory's pending departure, but Bubba is one of the best signings they could have made. Watson's popularity is not on the same level as Rory, but Oakley had no way to replace a golfer as special as Rory McIlroy.

Watson was very excited to be joining Oakley. When asked why he made the decision to join, he said "Simple. Oakley gets it. They love the game and they never stop pushing technology to make the game better. Whatever they can do- whatever can be done- Oakley will do it. I respect that."

Final Thought
This is a great move for Oakley. It is very difficult to bounce back from losing the best golfer in the game today (not officially). Oakley stepped up by signing a player that not only is good at golf but a player that fits the Oakley brand. Bubba Watson is a respected golfer and person and will fit perfectly with Oakley.


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