Friday, November 23, 2012

Dollars & Sense - Philly Fed Up

Over the summer, the hopes and prayers of Philadelphia 76ers fans were finally answered.  The fan base hasn’t seen a solid center in years, but in a part of the mega-trade that sent Andre Iguodala packing for Denver and Dwight Howard headed to Hollywood, the Sixers finally brought aboard a top NBA center.

Andrew Bynum was what Philly fans had been waiting for all these years. A 7-footer, young, supremely talented, Bynum is a true center in a time when true centers are becoming a dying breed of sorts.  Fans were eager to see what Bynum could bring to the younger yet promising Sixers team.

In his tenure thus far, Bynum has yet to see the court and seems to be bringing a somewhat negative impact to the organization.  How has he managed to do that? 

There seems to be some constant controversy swirling around Bynum’s knee injury.  Management has lied to the fan base on a fairly consistent basis. First he’s going to be back in November. Then he’ll be back in December.  Then he has a secret minor procedure. Now fans won’t be seeing Bynum’s debut in red, white, and blue until 2013. Nobody is really sure what the motivation was to lie about the injury, but what’s done is done.

Next Bynum made a change in hairstyle.  The media chose to blow Bynum’s hair out of proportion which turned the situation from an innocent whimsical rouse to a thorough distraction to the struggling team. In this day and age when the media will jump on anything they can, even something as irrelevant as hair, it’s better to play everything safe. Given the fact that the media spotlight has shown pretty bright on Bynum of late, it would have been nice if he could have just blended in until he finally sees the court.

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In the latest development of the Bynum saga, news came out last Saturday night that he had hurt his knee bowling.  Yes, bowling. Why was he bowling with his already injured knee, I don’t know. How do you get hurt bowling, I don’t know that either.  No matter how you look at it, it happened and it continues a drama that shouldn’t even be occurring.

Of course, Bynum can make it all up if he plays and plays well. When that will happen remains to be seen. In the meantime, Bynum needs to quit making headlines for all the wrong reasons.  It is becoming a public relations nightmare on a team where their early season struggles aren’t helping them out much either. Philly is fed up with Andrew Bynum.

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